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Hamilton Twp. Fire District #4

The Mission for Hamilton Township Fire District 4 is to provide for Fire Suppression, Prevention, Education and First Responder Emergency Medical Service to the residents of Fire District #4, as well as all of Hamilton Township

Public Disclosure Information

As per New Jersey State Law, specifically NJSA 40A:14-70.2, requires that all fire districts provide information to the public through a website or webpage. This website or webpage shall be to provide increased public access to the fire district's operations and activities.

This notice is to certify that the fire district's website, www.htfd4.org, does in fact comply with NJSA 40A:14-70.2. All information is available 24 hours each day for public view on this website. The website's compliance is checked and verified at least annually by the board of fire commissioners, the fire chief, the accountant, and the website manager.